Apartments standard

Apartments for international students

Apartments standard

Apartments standard

Basic apartment

Initially, our company offered only this option. However, the real estate market was changing and there was a demand for new services. We realized that some students needed different conditions. And then we decided to expand the range. However, we still provide Basic service so that every student can feel at home in Warsaw.

Basic from ALLIANCE REALTY is a great solution for a modest budget.

How does it work? We provide a student who has chosen this type of settlement, a bed in a double room of a three-room apartment.

Standard apartment

For students who want to live more compactly, we have the Standard service. It lies in the fact that not more than 4 people live in a two-room apartment.

The advantage of this method of settlement is the smaller number of residents, which makes living in the apartment more comfortable. And due to the fact that the apartment is higher in standard, the renovation is also much better. Often friends or couples who want to live together choose this method.

The ALLIANCE REALTY team understands very well how important it is to have a loved one nearby in an unfamiliar city. The support of dear people is wonderful. ALLIANCE REALTY is ready to support you!

Personal room

For students who definitely need personal space, we are ready to offer a service that we are truly proud of. Personal Room is a separate room that only you can use.

It is ideal for students who need peace and quiet after a long day at university. Student life is not primarily about parties, but hard work. To prepare for the upcoming exam, you will need to concentrate well. That is what you can do in your room.

Personal Room by ALLIANCE REALTY is a secluded fortress in the bustle of Warsaw.


Basic standard apartments
Higher standard apartment
Personal room
Higher standard apartment
Washing machine
Bath or shower
Bunk bed
available in 50% of apartments
Number of roommates6-7 people4 people3-4 people
Private room
Lockable room
Apartment check by SH
Fenced territory ✔/
Parking space
SH hot line support in master/technician organization